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Las Vegas Massacre

Remember to Look for the Good.

KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERA  Oct 2, 2017 a very sad day in the USA.  59 Dead; 500 plus injured.

Remember to look for the good for no matter how small it is there is good in every situation.  If we only look at the evil of the mass shooting in Las Vegas the shooter has accomplished his goal.  We need to peel back this giant curtain of evil and see the good of the individuals who risked their lives helping the others.   The people who chose not to flee but to help the injured or the ones who took the injured to hospitals or the brave individuals who risked their life’s by shielding other. The hospital staff who worked overtime to treat the survivors and last but not least the police who put their lives’ on the line to find and end this carnage of death.

I’m sure I have left off many others who worked for the good of helping his fellow man survive the blanket of evil.